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ACUPUNCTURE is recognized nowadays as a science, being re-discovered by the modern day Doctors, originated in China thousands of 5000 years ago...
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Hajama in Arabic means “to restore the basic size” or “to diminish in volume”. The ancient Egyptians were the first ones to use the cupping therapy systematically...
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Mobina Khan a well known Acupuncture and Hijama therapist, is in to practicing acupuncture and Hijama therapy, for the last 12 years. A well known name in her field, as an...

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Experience Counts
Mr. Sayed
Age: 54 Years
Mr. Sayed, had visited / been admitted in the Hospital on numerous occasions with peculiar symptoms and had also been given life-saving drug. He was dealing with these symptoms for the last 5 years. His kidneys had almost collapsed. With Acupuncture treatment for about 30 days, he was relieved of all his symptoms and now is as normal as any other person.
Mr. Wood

Age: 56 Years

He was having low immune system and would feel very low energy levels. He was experiencing long recovery period after exercise since 4 – 5 years and had other related symptoms. He had visited many Acupuncturists and other Doctors in the past. He has underwent a sea change in him after treatment with me for 45 days.
Mr. Kapasi

Age: 45 Years

An Entertainment Professional by Profession was experiencing insomnia and had high level of stress due to his work schedule and was under medication for many years. After having been introduced to Acupuncture, he has abandoned all forms of medication.
All the three persons experienced improvement in a couple of sessions. Click Here to read more Experiences of our patients.
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